Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some fucking car driver

Well happy Christmas to us, yesterday, I woke up and looked out of the window, to find that some cunt had driven into my wife's car and ripped of the rear bumper and ripped the side of her car, of course, this fucking arsehole cunt wanker shit head left their name and number, no, did they fuck, instead we are left with an insurance claim that fucks up our no claims.

Happy Christmas you mother fucker, I hope somebody does the same to you and burns your fucking house down.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm just going through a remortgage of my house, and what a complete bush of arse holes NatWest are.

It started off so well, a simple telephone questionnaire which took 30 minutes, then a few days later I got the filled out form that... "all I needed to do was sign".... I wish.

The application form contained over 30 mistakes, including some classics....
My NatWest (yes I bank with them) account details wrong, including the wrong branch
My current lender was wrong not to mention my account number with them
My wife's middle name as Shaun... that is my middle name
Our house address wrong - pretty important as this is the house we are changing mortgage on
Now, I corrected all these errors on the form and sent it back thinking everything would be OK, oh how wrong. A couple of weeks go by and I get a call from the NatWest Solicitors saying that my wife has changed her name and it does match the deeds, well she hasn't changed her name I think to myself, then looking at the letter and her name is still Shaun !!!!, NatWest have not changed her middle name.

So having no choice I ring up NatWest and ask them what is going on, there reply, well, if we recorded Shaun as your wife's name that must of been what you told us, come on, why would a) I give you the wrong name and b) give you a boys name. I then went on to check the other details that were wrong, and surprise, they had not corrected a single item from my corrections I sent in.

Why the hell do I have to sign a legal document that these arse holes don't even bother to check, in the end it also cost them money, as they sent the surveyor to the wrong house.... as they didn't correct the address either.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Microsoft Vista

I have been running the full monty release of Vista for the past week, and after so many years of being in IT I should now better, but I didn't.

Firstly let me tell you, it should be called "Error" and not "Vista" as that's all I seem to get, of course the error messages are very nicely written, but they are still errors and they still stop me working.

What really pisses me off is the Vista compatibility program that I ran before hand, which said my PC was perfectly fine with everything it ran, what a complete loads of bollocks, just minor (no major) issues, such as my PDA won't sync, as it has Pocket PC 2002 on it and Vista only works with Pocket PC 2003 and you can't install ActiveSync either a Vista won't let you. At least twice a day the network just hangs and I have to reboot the PC, every time you try to do something, the screen goes blank and it asks if its OK to run this program or that program, its not saying don't run it as it might be a virus, it just wants to make sure I really intended to run it, well of course I did, I selected the bloody thing. I could go on, Zip which won't unzip anything, large files that just won't copy from one machine to Vista..... but I'll stop here as you will bored very quickly.

Now its not all bad, the interface is fantastic, the search is brilliant and overall one day it will be a good operating system, my advice, wait for service pack 1, you will need it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Out Ranted

I have to post this up today, the Ranter has clearly been out Ranted.


I have the misfortune of attending the wife's company Christmas party tonight, always a night to look forward to (NOT), but at least I get fed and have couple of glasses of wine.

Anyway, I look in my wardrobe for something suitable to wear and discover that I have not actually purchased any clothing (except Jeans and Tee-shirts) for the past 5 years and everything is worn-out, this being my worst nightmare.

I realise that a) I need to shop and spend some money and b) I can't use the internet as I need the cloths for tonight, so that mean one thing, I have to go into town to buy some clothes.

So I venture into town this afternoon, terrified, and what do I see.... a wall of people shopping, I mean, I can't move for shoppers, so what's going on, do people only shop at Christmas, what about the other 11 months of the year, the place was packed, of course, I thought, is everybody in the same predicament as me and need some clothing for a Christmas party ! maybe who knows.