Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oil Companies

Its been far too long since I ranted, its about time I put that right.

What the hell is going on with Opec and the oil producing countries, they are now going mad because the price of oil is below $70 per barrel, I didn't see them doing too much when it was going up to $147 a barrel.

Do these idiots realise they are part of the reason the world is in turmoil, because of their utter greed, one of the main reasons prices of things has risen is because of oil, OK so they increased production "a little" to try and reduce oil prices when they were going up, but lets face it, they didn't try too hard did they. Now the shoe is on the other foot they are doing all they can to increase it.

Oil is too critical to the world, the price should not be left to Opec, maybe a world body like the UN should decided on the price of oil, the world would be a better place.