Sunday, November 09, 2008

X Factor

OK so I know I am letting myself in for a barrage of abuse, but I do like watching X Factor.

This week again Simon complained about the public voting being rubbish, and yes I have to agree with him, however what about the judges voting, it’s just as bad.

How the hell did Daniel stay in, I know his wife died and I so impressed by what he has done, but this is a talent contest, OK so they keep him in, why ? they know he is not good enough, that idiot Irishman keeps telling him how crap he is, but refused to vote him off, next time Daniel is up and sings a tear jerker is the Irish idiot going to keep him in again, no, so why get rid of Scott !

Same last week with that horrible Rachel girl, come on, there is no way she was better than Austin, and this week proved it with a terrible performance.

So Simon, before you complain anymore about the stupid public voting, get your judges in order first.


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