Monday, April 30, 2007

Old Car Drivers

I was following this old bastard driving some shitty little car over the weekend, 40 miles an hour he was doing at best ! with nothing in front of him for miles, he was driving so bloody slow everybody in front had long disappeared into the distance.

Due to the volume of traffic I had no way of overtaking him so I had to sit behind him for 25 miles !

Two things irritate me about this, the first is he should be driving faster, its was a clear sunny day, he was holding up everybody behind and you could see how annoyed the people behind me were. The second thing was when we reached villages and the speed limit dropped from 60 to 30, he still did 40 miles an hour, therefore breaking the speed limit, these people should have their driving licenses revoked.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloody Sofa

Finally after a 2 1/2 month delay my new Sofa's arrived... brilliant except for one small rip... bastards

Another Reason Why Vista is Shit

When using an SD Card from my camera which normally has hundreds of pictures on, selecting 4 or 5 to copy off it takes bloody hours, on XP its really quick, Vista its unusable, I suspect its because it wants to read all the data for all the pictures instead of just the ones I want.

Man Vista is pissing me off.... don't waste your money on it.

And I still can't print from IE7 on Vista to my HP Printer.... everything else prints fine including IE7 on my XP machine.... Bloody Vista

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rip Off Prices

I got some spam email today from, of course the spam worked because I read it doh !

The thing that caught my eye was the price difference, there was a Toshiba Laptop for £380 and a Nokia N95 Mobile phone for £480 (SIM Free), now come on, how can the cost of manufacturing a laptop be less than a mobile phone. I understand that price takes into account research, distribution etc. etc., but this just shows me we are continually being ripped off by over inflated prices for things... I mean I can purchase a DVD player for £19 these days.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Call Centre Phone Calls

It's been a while since my last post so I thought it was about time I sorted myself out.

I took a call today from BT, this guy said it was BT and that he needed to talk to me about my last bill, so I said OK.

At this point he came out with the usually crap of data protection and started asking me some questions, at which point I stopped him and said hang-on, you prove to me who you re first, he started to get irate and kept saying he was from BT and I said how the hell do I know that, which he replied by saying, tell me the information I am asking you and I can then tell you details about your account, ummm I thought, so I tell you information about me first and then you will confirm back to me who I am..... no thanks good bye.

This brings out an interesting point, why should we trust these callers, how do I know it was BT, the fact is we don't and it could easily be somebody trying to get information out of me, my advice, never take unsolicited calls like this, call centres need to come up with some way that proves who they are just like we need to prove who we are.