Wednesday, November 26, 2008

0870 Numbers

Let make this simple, these numbers should be banned FULL STOP. Can you imagine buying a sweater at M&S and finding out something is wrong, so you go back to see customer services, when you get there as soon as you enter the queue they start asking for money, that is exactly what these companies are doing. Of course the funny thing is the government is getting in on the act as well, the DVLA made over 3 million pounds on 0870 calls last year !, I wonder by Ofcom are doing very little.

I have a prime example of this rip-off practice, Jet2 lost my seat booking last year, a booking that I paid extra for, I had to ring them (they don’t have email !), I sat in the queue for 20 minutes, then when I got through they said my seat had now been booked by another passenger so I had lost it, after arguing and then trying to get my booking fee back, the total call was 35 minutes. However much I argued they would not give me the cost of the call back, in the end I realised that it was going to cost me more in call charges than the refund so I had to give up, they are scum !

On the other hand though, Virgin, if the fault is down to them they refund the cost of the call, well done Virgin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Police and Identity

I read that Police may start using fingerprint scanners on the streets, but of course the lobby of privacy campaigners are dead against it, these people are idiots.

I am all for a) Finger printing and b) DNA records being held for everybody in the UK, also any visitors to the UK, as a law abiding citizen why would I not be ?

Why would the police or anybody else be interested in tracking me, or looking into my privacy, it’s a joke, they are far too busy looking for real criminals. Let’s look at some fact’s, a rapist could be caught within hours, a murderer who leaves a finger print, or any crime that the criminal leaves some form of evidence; the police could identify the criminal within hours, why is this not good ?

So come on, let’s do it and find all the arseholes in the world and lock them up (I guess we had better build lots of new prisons first).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oil Prices

I have always been told that competition is good, the more people offering goods the better, also I believe it is illegal for competing companies to get together and price fix.

So tell me, why does this happen with oil, which idiot decided that the worst most important commodity should have a set sale price for all, be traded by idiots only interested in what model car to buy with their massive bonus and finally allow the production to be governed by people who’s interest is to keep the price high.

Surely we should be creating competition to reduce the price, not allowing idiots to trade oil, it’s too important to the world.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Now I am a computer professional (sounds a bit grand does that!), and I can type faster than I can write, I have been using keyboards for over 20 years and there is one thing that pisses me off, manufactures that constantly play around with the position of the keys... STOP IT

Clearly I don’t mean the standard QWERTY layout, but the other keys and also shapes of the keyboard.

Why make the left shift so small you can never hit it, why make the delete button so small you cannot hit it, why make the Enter Key only one key high instead of 2, why put other keys in the left control key position (this control key and the left shift key are used loads by keyboard short-cuts by the way), why curve the complete keyboard, why move the insert, Home, Page Up & Down) keys to be vertical, why make the function keys touch sensitive...... I could go on and on and on

The keyboard has a very basic function, the original designers knew that the keys we use the most should be big, so stop mucking around with them and leave them the way they were originally designed.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

X Factor

OK so I know I am letting myself in for a barrage of abuse, but I do like watching X Factor.

This week again Simon complained about the public voting being rubbish, and yes I have to agree with him, however what about the judges voting, it’s just as bad.

How the hell did Daniel stay in, I know his wife died and I so impressed by what he has done, but this is a talent contest, OK so they keep him in, why ? they know he is not good enough, that idiot Irishman keeps telling him how crap he is, but refused to vote him off, next time Daniel is up and sings a tear jerker is the Irish idiot going to keep him in again, no, so why get rid of Scott !

Same last week with that horrible Rachel girl, come on, there is no way she was better than Austin, and this week proved it with a terrible performance.

So Simon, before you complain anymore about the stupid public voting, get your judges in order first.