Thursday, November 23, 2006


And whilst I am on a real rant, I've just picked up my wallet which is serious bulging, I took out all my credit card receipts to make it a little less bulky.... and there is no money in it, its empty, it was just full of receipts... man I'm depressed

What no Porn !!!!

I was just looking at Chanel9 which is a software developers web site, on there it had a link to an area where people told everybody else of the 5 favourite sites they visit each day, I looked long and hard down the list (check out, and not one Porn site was listed, bunch of no good geeks, I'm changing profession, I can't be associated with people who don't check out at least one porn site a day.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And Everything in the World is Installed

These days, when you install software on your PC, you don't just get the software you have purchased, you get loads of other shit you don't want with it. The situation is totally ridiculous, I could end up with so many bloody search bars in IE that I would have no room for the content of pages, Yahoo, Google, MSN, EBay !!!

Not only that, but they want to load every single program into the system tray at start-up, I loaded iTunes latest version and got Quicktime as well, OK so this is required for iTunes, but why does it have to be in my system tray and load every time my PC boots, thus slowing everything down, OK as a computer professional I know how to hack things and remove it, but I have been to friends PC's that are slowing dying because of all this shit that gets loaded, its about time this practice was stopped.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why can't things just work

I have used a web site called XDrive for ages, I use it to backup my data off-site, I pay for the service but its has been excellent, until now, AOL have bought Xdrive and have totally screwed it up, half the time I can't logon, files are corrupted which is great for a backup !!!

So My Mate Phil (see right hand side link.... can't be arse putting in the hyperlink here) told me about, this is free for the basic account, you pay if you want something a little bigger, well, I uploaded 2 files 4 hours ago and they still don't appear in My Files... rubbish... back to finding another site.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Politically Correct World does it again

I read this article on the Times Online web site the other day, basically it is forcing a sausage manufacture who call's one of its sausages Dragon Sausage (due to its fiery nature) to change its name as the sausage does not contain any Dragon meat.,,2-2458696.html

Come on, this world has gone too far, lets force McDonalds to change the name Hamburger to Beefburger as it contains not ham, or a Sheppard's Pie to something else as it contains no Sheppard and its not even a pie !

These poeple need to get a life.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Motorway signs

I was driving back home today on the motorway, and I passed one of those new very large information signs, these signs I believe that cost £100k each. Anyway, it has a message Don't Drink and Drive... very good advise I am sure, what would of been better is a useful message such as.... 1/2 mile down the motorway you will come across a 5 mile tailback due to an accident.
What a waste of money

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too Tired

I can't be arsed to update My Rantings, I'm too tired, the new baby is keeping me awake all night and I'm even more grumpy than normal.