Friday, December 08, 2006


I have the misfortune of attending the wife's company Christmas party tonight, always a night to look forward to (NOT), but at least I get fed and have couple of glasses of wine.

Anyway, I look in my wardrobe for something suitable to wear and discover that I have not actually purchased any clothing (except Jeans and Tee-shirts) for the past 5 years and everything is worn-out, this being my worst nightmare.

I realise that a) I need to shop and spend some money and b) I can't use the internet as I need the cloths for tonight, so that mean one thing, I have to go into town to buy some clothes.

So I venture into town this afternoon, terrified, and what do I see.... a wall of people shopping, I mean, I can't move for shoppers, so what's going on, do people only shop at Christmas, what about the other 11 months of the year, the place was packed, of course, I thought, is everybody in the same predicament as me and need some clothing for a Christmas party ! maybe who knows.


At 6:20 pm, Anonymous Andrei said...

I'm exactly the opposite, since I've been working on VR I became somewhat fashionable :)

At 10:02 pm, Blogger Phil said...

'tis the season to be moronic.


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