Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Police and Identity

I read that Police may start using fingerprint scanners on the streets, but of course the lobby of privacy campaigners are dead against it, these people are idiots.

I am all for a) Finger printing and b) DNA records being held for everybody in the UK, also any visitors to the UK, as a law abiding citizen why would I not be ?

Why would the police or anybody else be interested in tracking me, or looking into my privacy, it’s a joke, they are far too busy looking for real criminals. Let’s look at some fact’s, a rapist could be caught within hours, a murderer who leaves a finger print, or any crime that the criminal leaves some form of evidence; the police could identify the criminal within hours, why is this not good ?

So come on, let’s do it and find all the arseholes in the world and lock them up (I guess we had better build lots of new prisons first).


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