Saturday, December 06, 2008

Car Garages

I’ve had a little issue with the car lately and its proving to be a little difficult to fix, OK so some things are not easy to find and fix, but it’s the way they work that really annoys me.

So, the garage takes a look at my problem, it’s going to cost £120 to fix it, for some new parts and labour, I give them the go ahead. I pick my car up, 30 yards after leaving the garage the problem reappears, so I turn around and go back. The garage says, oh it must be something else, and that’s going to cost you another £150, OK I say, so I owe you £30 then I say to them, there was a rather puzzled look on their faces.

Come on I say, you charged me £120 and didn’t fix the issues, therefore put my original parts back on my car, and replace the new parts and I’ll pay you the difference ! well all hell broke loose then.

You see it doesn’t work like that, the garage can have as many goes as they like in not fixing my car and charging me, and it appears that it’s OK as I am footing the bill. I had the same issue with my boiler, they are all bastards and something should be done to outlaw this practice.


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