Monday, March 31, 2008

More Than

Today was the day that I had to renew my house insurance, so of course I went through all the usual web sites like confused, compare this and, what was remarkable was the difference from £320 to £1,700, I just find things like this amazing.

Anyway my rant is with More Than, these were (see were - no longer) my insurers, the quote I got was pretty expensive to say the least, however I noticed that I had not told them about my loft conversion, so I now have 4 bedrooms instead of 3 - whoops.

Now these are the people who have fixed cover, buildings £500,000 and contents £75,000, pretty generous I would say, so image my surprise when they told me that increasing my bedroom count added another £90 to my insurance quote, how can this be ? the cover is the same, this just shows that this cover level is actually total bull, I will never use these people again.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I have various apple stuff like a Nano, so I run iTunes on my PC, this of course means I am subject to Apple Automatic Update which no matter how hard I try I cannot switch off which really annoys me.

Anyway today it popped up saying I needed to download an update.... and oh what was it, the Safari Web Browsers WHAT !

Come on Apple this is truly ridiculous, not only are you telling me that I need an update for some software that is not installed on my PC, you are downloading a new browser, how dare Apple do this, it's like Apple downloading a new Word Processor even though I use Microsoft Word or Open Office, it's just wrong and Apple should be disgusted with what they are doing, it's clear to me they are trying to up the new of Safari but this underhand tactic is just wrong.

Once it's installed it will become the default browser on the system saying goodbye to IE or Firefox, I wonder how many people have fallen foul of this already and now use Safari (which is Rubbish by the way) instead of IE or Firefox which I am sure they were happy with before.