Monday, March 31, 2008

More Than

Today was the day that I had to renew my house insurance, so of course I went through all the usual web sites like confused, compare this and, what was remarkable was the difference from £320 to £1,700, I just find things like this amazing.

Anyway my rant is with More Than, these were (see were - no longer) my insurers, the quote I got was pretty expensive to say the least, however I noticed that I had not told them about my loft conversion, so I now have 4 bedrooms instead of 3 - whoops.

Now these are the people who have fixed cover, buildings £500,000 and contents £75,000, pretty generous I would say, so image my surprise when they told me that increasing my bedroom count added another £90 to my insurance quote, how can this be ? the cover is the same, this just shows that this cover level is actually total bull, I will never use these people again.


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