Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And Everything in the World is Installed

These days, when you install software on your PC, you don't just get the software you have purchased, you get loads of other shit you don't want with it. The situation is totally ridiculous, I could end up with so many bloody search bars in IE that I would have no room for the content of pages, Yahoo, Google, MSN, EBay !!!

Not only that, but they want to load every single program into the system tray at start-up, I loaded iTunes latest version and got Quicktime as well, OK so this is required for iTunes, but why does it have to be in my system tray and load every time my PC boots, thus slowing everything down, OK as a computer professional I know how to hack things and remove it, but I have been to friends PC's that are slowing dying because of all this shit that gets loaded, its about time this practice was stopped.


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