Monday, February 18, 2008

Sky & BT

OK so I decided to take Sky Talk, looked like a good plan, £5 per month for free calls to normal landlines, brilliant I thought, but no.....

For a start BT started charging me £4.95 for Caller ID because I was no longer making calls on their network, then I discovered that 0870 numbers are more expensive on Sky Talk and we seem to call these rip off numbers frequently, over all I was paying more, so I decided to cancel.

Everything went well, apart from it taking me 30 minutes on an 0870 number to cancel, it would be cancelled within 4 hours.

Tonight I discover that my phone no longer works, I get a Sky message saying that I have a reduced service and to call the rip off 0870 number, on what !, my phone isn't working... of course at a stupid cost on my mobile.

Sky now inform me that I need to speak to BT as my line is dead and reactivate my account with BT, Sky - why didn't you tell me this when I cancelled... great. So I call BT, they tell me I need to set-up a new account, with new costs etc..... but hang on, I already have an account with you, I pay line rental, also if I prefix my number with 1280 I get billed by BT instead of Sky, so I have an account... why do I need to do all this, but of course my ranting made no difference and I had to set-up a new account, guess what.... it takes 48 hours to set-up a new account so I have no phone for 48 hours.

Sky as bastards, BT are no better.... I am going to move everything to Virgin.


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