Thursday, January 17, 2008

Supermarkets, Chickens & GM Food

I was watching the program on Chanel 4 about the chickens with the TV Chef's, it horrible what they do to the chickens as they grow, the supermarkets claim we want cheap food and that's the way we get cheap food, well no shit, of course we want cheap food, like cars and holidays and everything else, but cars are not £150 to buy are they, then I started thinking about GM foods.

Now I am no environmentalist, but I was thinking about GM foods, what's the point of them, who actually needs/wants them, I can only see one advantage, to the supermarkets, our Tomato's are all the same shape and bright red and they last 5 years before we get rotten, but at what cost.

It's taken nature millions of years to get us to the point we are in today, but scientists with less than a few years knowledge claim to know better, how can that be right, we simply do no know what we are doing and its dangerous.

The supermarkets have to stop all this activity now, its a total disgrace, stop the terrible treatment of chickens, stop GM foods. Using the excuse that we want cheaper chickens is total bollocks, put anything cheap in front of us and we will buy it, its just a price war between them all and the only winners are the supermarkets, if we don't stop the, who knows what damage they will cause.


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