Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Budget Airlines

I read an article on the BBC web site about the extra charges from budget airlines,


I booked 4 tickets to go to Spain this year, in total the extra charges were £201, what was at first a bargain soon turned into a cost which was a rise of 40% over our ticket prices, the one that got me was the credit card charge, £2 per person per flight ! which came to £16 credit card surcharge

Now I think paying for the services you take are fair, for example they introduced a charge for taking hold luggage, well if I only have hand luggage why should I pay extra, so this seemed fair but, when the airline introduced this charge, they did not reduce the ticket prices, so I was paying the same amount and everybody else was paying extra, its this practice that sickens me, its not about being fair, its about hidden extra's to increase their revenue.

The exact same flights last year were 35% cheaper than this year, virtually all of this was down to the extra charges, Budget... well not for long if they keep this practice up.


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