Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I read with interest the changes that eBay are making to the feedback system, basically stopping sellers from leaving negative feedback.

I believe the current feedback system is being abused by Sellers and this is why eBay are introducing this, today almost all sellers will not leave feedback until they have received feedback, thus they are abusing the feedback system. They are trying to protect their feedback rating by effectively bullying people into leaving positive feedback, if the buyer leaves negative feedback they will retaliate with negative feedback, this whole system is wrong.

When I purchase something my deal with the seller is over as soon as I pay, tt that point, assuming I have paid promptly positive feedback should be left by the seller, its then up to the seller to promptly deliver the goods and for the goods to be in then exact condition described, if they are not then they deserve negative feedback as they have not kept to their end of the deal (assuming the seller is not willing to put things right).

What eBay is doing though is wrong, as there are some bad buyers out there and these deserve to get negative feedback, I believe what they should do is not allow a seller to receive feedback unless the seller has given feedback to the buyer, however, if the seller gives bad feedback, the buyer should not be able to leave negative feedback for the seller as clearly the buyer has not kept their end of the deal.


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