Thursday, January 31, 2008

Airport Lounges

I am lucky (or unlucky due to the amount of flights I have to take to gain access), in that I can get access to these executive lounges at airports, I have to say that they are great, it gets me away from the normal holiday maker, they have free beer and snacks and the seats are normally large and comfortable, overall they are great.

Except for one small thing, they are filled with business men and women who in general have their heads stuck up their own arses.

Tell me why they have to wonder around with a Bluetooth headset, as soon as they sit down they take the seat next to them for their coats, no matter how busy the lounge is, and when you ask them to move their coats so you may use the chair they look at you with disgust (or maybe that's just me with my Orange County Chopper tee-shirt and big fat belly sticking out).

As soon as they sit down the laptop comes out, let play who has the best laptop (well actually that will be me, but I don't brag about these things).

Lovely places filled by arseholes, what a shame.


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