Saturday, January 12, 2008

PC Manufactures

I got hold of my friends new laptop a few days ago, he asked me if I could set it up for him and put a wireless network in his house. The laptop he bought was very nice, but out of the box bloody slow... why... because of all the shit that they come shipped with.

Tell me why does the laptop come with 3 different Virus Software, 4 different ISP's, god knows how many other "Free Trials" of software, in total he had 15 things that started when his laptop booted up, now he has one... the Virus software.

These manufactures are giving the PC industry a bad name, just like the software vendors, why does every single piece of software now start-up automatically when the PC starts, if I want to run the bloody software I will start it, another fiend of mine had 33 items in the system tray, can you believe that, all casued by software that started when the PC booted, after I have finished he had 6, the rest now starts when he wants to use it.

Somebody has to sort all this shit out it a bloody joke.


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