Monday, February 18, 2008

Hiring a Car

Has anybody ever had the misfortune of hiring a car ?

Its the most unfriendly experience I think you can have, firstly you stand at the counter for 20 minutes whilst they type in all your details, come on how hard can it be, name, address, driving license details, why does it take so long.

Then you get your car, you need to go over it with a fine toothcomb, as if you miss that little scratch you can be sure the bastards will find it when you take it back. The thing is, the onus is on me to find it, if I don't I have to pay, this is just wrong, it has to be the other way around, the car hire company should have to prove the scratch was not there when you hired it.

I do have an exception to this, Dragon Cars in Spain, we hired a car and crashed it (not me somebody else !), there was a massive dent in the side of the car (actually this happened whilst driving it out of the airport, 2 minutes after we had hired it), when we took it back, they look at it and said... well that's why you have insurance and that was the end of the matter, brilliant service.


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