Friday, January 18, 2008

Its Just Stupid

I read a report today on the BBC website about the air crash at Heathrow

I want to praise everybody on board especially BA staff, the pilots clearly did a fantastic job, the comment that got me was this from the BA staff on the ground looking after the crash victims

"However, there are some limitations to what we can do due to the various regulations with which we have to comply and the restrictions of operating in an airside environment. For example, we have to wait for permission to remove baggage and any other personal belongings from the aircraft. When that permission is received, our aim is to get these belongings back to customers as quickly as possible. "

What the hell... they need permission to get the bags off, what idiot decided to implement stuff like this, would anybody not want their belongings back, there credit cards, their clothes, stupid rules like this make me sick the person who made the rule should be shot.


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