Friday, February 01, 2008

iPod Touch

OK so I have bought one of these little beauties, why I have no idea, for me its a waste of money I should of bought a hard disk version but I fancied the ability to surf the web over wi-fi.

Anyway apart from being upset by my stupid choice of the Touch, something has really annoyed me, and that's Apple charging £12.99 to get some applications that I feel should be free, namely, email, maps, weather and stock prices, however it doesn't stop there.

The main rant is over these new applications, firstly email will not connect to my STMP server because it requires SPA security, secondly maps searches America first, so I have to put UK after everything, Weather doesn't find Timisoara in Romania (when Yahoo weather does and that feeds the link) and Stock Prices doesn't give me monthly charts for half of my stocks, overall for something I had to pay extra for its rubbish and I am seeking my cash back from Apple.


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