Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sky Anytime PC

I installed and used Sky Anytime for the PC, its good, I can download any film I wish to watch and then stream it around the house to watch on any TV it’s a nice service.

It’s just a shame about the crap software that it uses, well crap in my view in one way, when you install it each time your PC starts it runs the bloody program in the background, now as a little bit of an expert I can spot this and stop it running, but I wonder how many people out there are complaining like hell that their broadband link is slow, all because Sky has decided to use it up with their file sharing.

Now OK, without the file sharing it downloads would be slower, but file sharing should only work when you want it to, when you tell Sky to share, it’s terrible that Sky believe this is OK (Chanel 4 does the same and I am sure the new BBC one does as well), if they want to use my PC and Broadband then they should pay part of my monthly bill.


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