Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rip Off Laws and Airlines Taxes

I had to cancel a flight a few weeks ago, I had booked the flight with Jet2, through talking with some people I discovered that although I cannot reclaim the Air Fair I should be able to reclaim the Taxes, as it turns out the airline do not pay the taxes if you do not fly, as the taxes were £41.95 I thought it was worth a go, so I did some research and also called Jet2.

Firstly the law is an arse, even though these are taxes, there is no law which forces the airline to pay back the taxes, now how can that be, I know that things like VAT have to be paid back, why is the law different for airline taxes ? this law needs changing now.

Secondly Jet2 charge... and wait for it £40 Administration fee to refund the tax, which basically means nobody will bother, or so they think. How can they justify charging so much, its a total joke, from what I have seen the only fair airline is Virgin who don't change.

It should be law that the tax is refunded less a "reasonable" administration fee which should be the same for all airlines, and this refund should be automatic.

I am now waiting for my £1.95 to be refunded to my credit card after a formal request to Jet2.


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