Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tax Man

2 rants today... well it is Christmas day

I got a letter from the Revenue yesterday reminding me that I had not yet done my tax return, OK that's fine, I have not done it yet no worries about that.

What was a worry though is that all of a sudden, my middle name was wrong, in fact, they had my surname as my middle name !, so I was Michael Prytherch Prytherch. I have been been doing tax returns for what seems like most of my life for some unknown reason (which must be the subject of another rant at some time), and they have never got my name wrong, well how can they, its all tied into the National Insurance number etc.

So why has my name been changed, with all the shit about the government departments losing CD's etc, this to me is just yet another indication of there total and utter incompetence, and it worries me.

Whilst on the subject of sending CD's, why the hell are they still sending out stuff by CD, they must surely have high speed connections between them these days to transfer files !


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