Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2008

Now I bought this game for my PS3 hoping it would be the best yet, but boy oh boy is it totally rubbish, I am so disappointed, its the most unrealistic golf game I have played, my main areas of criticism are:-

  • Putting is too easy and also the putting stroke it not realistic, you always get a full swing even in 5cm putts
  • If you drive onto another fairway you are always out of bounds, real golf is not like that
  • Drive into a hazard it at always drops the ball next to the hazard, in real golf (yellow staked markers) you can drop the ball as far back as you like
  • You put draw and fade onto the ball before you strike it... that's not real golf
  • If you hook or slice the ball, even just a little bit it takes 20% off your distance, again not realistic

Overall performing a drive or hitting a fairway iron is too hard, putting is too easy, its a horrible golf game, don't buy it, well... buy my copy off eBay.


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