Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BBC Sports Personality

I watched the show last Sunday and I must admit to be utterly disgusted by people voting for losers, now I understand that its called "BBC Sports Personality" but lets face it, its not about that, its about winners who we like.

I could not believe that the England Rugby team won the team award when they have won jack shit in recent times and came away from the world cup exactly the same as everybody else (apart from South Africa).... with nothing. Instead the British Track Cycling team who are the best in the world, a sport we topped the medal table at the World Championships, gets nothing, how can that be, a team of losers win against a team of winners.

I was ready to rant about another loser, Hamilton winning the overall award, but thankfully, the British Public (as apposed to the so called Experts who voted for the Team Award) voted for a Winner and WELL DONE JOE, after 10 years of being at the top you deserve it.

Its about time we took a leaf out of the Austrians and brought back pride in winning and stopped saying well done to losers.


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