Friday, February 29, 2008


You will see from this rant that I don't smoke, however this rant isn't really about the act of smoking, whilst I hate being in a room full of smokers, its not an illegal activity and I have to put up with it, this rant is more about littering.

You see, smokers think its OK to throw away their fag ends into the street, you see it's not, it's littering, I eat Crisps but I don't throw away the packet, I put it in a bin. It seems to me that it's almost socially acceptable that smokers are allowed to throw their fags anywhere, well it shouldn't be, smokers choose to smoke and they should also choose to deposit their leftovers from this activity sensible in a bin once they have put out the fag.


At 10:22 pm, Blogger Phil said...

You've been busy...good ranting. Smokers: filthy fuckers, eat shit and die (you've guessed it, i've stopped again:)


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