Monday, October 09, 2006

Women Drivers

It was bound to happen that I had to comment on women drivers at some point.

Let me set the picture for you, I live down a dead end road and its only wide enough for 1 car to drive down at a time, to get out you either have to reverse all the way up the road (150 meters) or try to turn around, which is impossible if the street is full of parked cars.

Anyway today as I left my house a women was trying to turn her car around in a very tight spot, I started shaking my head when I saw this, so she wound her window down and said "I am doing the women's thing of trying to turn around, please excuse me I am a women". So I replied, yes you are on both counts, why don't you just reverse, she replied "I can't reverse", I just left it at that.

How do these people ever pass their driving tests, if you can't reverse you can't drive, simple as that.

I felt justified in giving this post a "Women Drivers" title as 95% of the people who drive down my road and panic are women (Pete you drive like a woman so are included within the 95%), another story, one evening I saw this women starting to panic, she eventually got out of her car, knocked on my door, said she had driven down the wrong road by accident and can't get out, would I mind reversing car for her as she was stuck ! apart from the fact this women should not be allowed to drive a car, I was pleased as a) it meant I could laugh at her and b) she wasn't going to crash into everybody's parked cars while trying to reverse.


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