Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Today I had the misfortune of my BT Landline failing, well sort of failing, I could make outgoing calls but could not received incoming calls, if it were the other way around I would not of bothered calling BT as this would of saved me a fortune in calls the wife makes, but as is typical, BT got it to fail the wrong way around.

So this mornings task was to call BT to tell them about my fault. The first mistake was using my faulty telephone to call them (remember I could make outgoing calls), I got through to the automated testing line, it was all very good, it said it was going to test my line and off it went, then something surprising happened, it recognised that I was in fact using the faulty phone and said I would need to hang-up and it would call me back, but of course it couldn't call me back because I could not accept incoming calls, I guess it was kind of daft to call the fault line on my faulty phone.

I had no choice but to hang-up, spend 10 minutes going through all the options again before finally arriving in the queue, which I was informed was 45 minutes, but offered me the choice of a call back, luckily it asked me for the telephone number on which to call me back. 45 minutes later I got a call, I was impressed.

This is where the fun started, I said I could not receive incoming calls, so he rang my number and guess what ? it worked !!!, this guy then informed me that he actually tried the number before calling my mobile and it didn't work, so he tried again and it failed. He then decided it was an intermittent fault so ran a line test, this came back with a fault, but the fault was internal in my house which means it was my telephone which BT are not responsible for. So I asked if there was a way to test this out, I suggested that I remove my telephone and he could run the tests again. We did this and the test still said it was a fault within my house, now, I have no cables plugged into any BT socket and yet, BT are still insisting it is my fault, I asked the guy, how could that be ?, he didn't know but informed me that there would be a charge for somebody to come out and fix my line for me, even though we have proven its not my equipment, all because some stupid test system claims the fault lines in my house.

I suggested to him that they will come and fix it for free otherwise I will be using NIL within a couple of days, I am waiting for a call back from BT with their answer, lets hope they don't try to call me back on my landline !


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