Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Websites & Advertising

What is it with web sites and advertising, of course, I understand that they need the revenue to support the site, but why oh why do you have to have a bloody great big pop-up in the middle of the screen !!!!. I am not aware of any other advertising that is so obtrusive, I mean, when you are watching a film on TV, they don't put adverts in the middle of the screen, they put breaks in instead, in a news paper, they don't put an advert in the middle of an editorial, so why do web sites think they can do it.

Take skysports.com, brilliant, informative site, but I don't use it anymore, I am fed up of having to a) find the bloody close button and b) when I have found it hit close, there is nothing more aggravating that reading some news and in the middle a damn pop-up showing me a nice new car.

Whilst we are on the subject of web sites, why oh why do people use flash for their web sites, don't they realise that they make the site impossible to navigate, unless your business is art and design where you need to show off, use HTML and ditch flash, its horrible.


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