Thursday, September 07, 2006

Convertible cars

You know in the UK we buy more convertible cars than any other country in Europe, this has always amused me considering the weather we get.

So what amazes the hell out of me is how often we see the tops up on these cars in brilliant weather. Anybody who lives in the UK knows we only get a handful of days with good summer weather, so why the hell buy a convertible and not take the top down when its nice.... idiots, its not as if its hard to do, modern cars have fully automatic roofs.

Today though I found a new game, I was driving home when a Saab convertible came up behind me, I was impressed to see that the driver actually had the top down, so hats off to the man. As I was driving a bloody great bug decided to commit suicide on my windscreen and as always hits exactly in the middle of the screen on the drivers side obscuring my view, so on goes the windscreen washer to get rid of the mess, it took ages to remove the bug, its then I look in my mirror so see the guy in the Saab behind me getting soaked by my windscreen washer fluid.... it was so funny I kept washing my windscreen, much to the annoyance of the bloke behind who started flashing his lights and beeping his horn at me.... wicked... I can't wait for the next one to appear behind me.


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