Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Airport Security

I have been on a recent trip and experienced the new security measures, now let me say that I totally support what is happening, anything that makes our flying safer can only be good.

So what happened, I only had hand luggage, in my bag was some clothes and a laptop, I knew I was not allowed to take any form of liquid so I didn't. When I arrived at the security screening, I had to remove my laptop from the bag, no problem, I had to remove my shoes and I had to take off my belt, nothing too bad at all, everything went through the x-ray machine and it was quick and painless exercise.

Now here is the point, imagine that I am some nasty piece of work who wants to blow up the plane and I want to smuggle liquid onto the plane, how would I do that ? try to hide it in my bag ?, nope, I would put it in my pocket, simple as that. I have never been searched once, I could carry any non-metallic item in my pocket and nobody would know. What I am getting at is this, these new measures are stupid for the simple reason that even a 2 year old can find the flaw, put the stuff in your pocket, I certainly do not feel safe flying these days.


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