Thursday, October 05, 2006

Women and DIY

To be honest I am sexiest, but only to wind up lesbian feminists, apart from that I really couldn't care, but today....

I had to hang some stuff on the wall in our bedroom, this newly decorated bedroom with carpets, walls etc. all fresh and new, so I thought to myself, instead of making a mess over the new carpet when drilling holes into the wall, I would get the hover and ask the wife to stand next to me with the hover end below the drill catching all the mess, first class idea I thought.

So, I had four holes to drill very close to each other, I started drilling and completed the first hole and started the second, it was then I suddenly realised that the mess from the drilling was still falling and I could not hear any noise from the direction of the hover.... the answer from the wife... you never told me to switch the hover on, just to hold the hover pipe under your drill... DOH ! I live and learn.

Talking about lesbians, my neighbours are a pair of lesbians, the other day I took delivery of a large parcel for them, one of them came around to pick it up, so being the kind person I am I suggested that it was heavy and she needed a man to carry it.... strangely that comment didn't go down to well.... which brings me onto another story, I once worked in an office that had a women who used to be a man, the full sex change, I was talking to her (him !) one day, and she told me that she had some new alloy wheels on her car... so without thinking... my reply was "a bit of a boy racer are you !"... later (months later) I asked her if her driving had gone down hill since she became a women, she didn't reply.


At 1:19 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Good work Michael, I like sexism. Did you happen to see Celebrity Wife Swap on monday? John McCruick, what a star!

At 2:57 pm, Blogger Ranting Mike said...

Sure did... fantastic


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