Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Insurance Claims

Its been a while since my last rant, been too busy decorating the house, maybe thats another rant. Anyway, a friend of mine was involved in a car accident a few days ago, somebody ran into the back of him, he was fine, just the usual whiplash injury.

He went to the hospital to be checked out and obviously made a claim to his insurance. Now since then, he has been literally inundated by calls from injury lawyers, car repair supermarkets and various other people. Now, what's gets me is 2 things...

1. How do these people get his details ? it has to be from the insurance companies, a hospital (surely !) is not going to give out patient details, so it must be from the insurance company making money selling on his accident details.

2. With these injury lawyers involved goading people to make claims, surely this is making the situation with personal injury claims worse.

We all know that our car insurance premiums are high and part of this is the number of injury claims, it appears to me that this situation is being made worse by the actual insurance companies themselves, which is just a joke, maybe I am way out, but a thought went through my head, with all these personal injury claims they have to pay out for, isn't that a nice excuse to raise premiums to a level that they actual make more profit, maybe this explains why they pass out your details.


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