Wednesday, October 11, 2006


In a previous blog entry I talked about the unbelievable decision to fine a driver who killed 4 cyclists £180 when he was driving a car with 4 bald tyres.

Yesterday I heard about another unbelievable decision by these magistrates who clearly hate cyclists. A guy cycling home from work was moving quickly down a hill heading towards a roundabout, before he got to the roundabout he moved into the middle of the road to stop cars passing him as he approached the roundabout, the idea is that it is not safe to overtake a cyclist going around a roundabout.

A Policeman saw this manoeuvre, arrested and charged him, the guy appeared before the magistrates and was fined £300 for "inconsiderate cycling". Now lets not debate if this guy was within his right to make this manoeuvre, lets just say for argument sake he was wrong to do this, but how can he be fined £300 for obstructing traffic for 50 meters, when a guy who kills 4 cyclists and gets £180 fine.

On another cycling theme, there is talk of making bells a legal requirement on bikes, failure to have a working bell, £2,500 fine !, what fine do you get if you car does not have a working horn, £60 fixed penalty and an instruction to get it fixed, and what good are bells anyway, cyclists are not allowed on paths, only cycle paths and road.... I can see myself telling the police after a crash that I was ringing my bell madly, but the car driver did not hear it !... idiots..

Now I don't want to sound like a mad crazed cyclist, I only cycle for exercise and fun, I love my car totally, the idea of sounding-off about this is not to have a dig for Pro Cycling, its about highlighting the injustice of our law's, this needs to be rectified and quickly.


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