Friday, August 25, 2006

Buildings and Builders Part 2

An update on my building work, firstly its on-time, so these people on the TV who are always late must be idiots because I have found managing the time easy, of course if everything was going well though there wouldn't be anything to rant about.

There are 2 main areas of building work, the first one is time and as I have said this is fine, the second on is budget, this is not great. Now admittedly, some of the additions have been done to me adding extra work onto the build or changing the plans, but I have one additional piece of advise where it comes to cost:-

Wait until the builder has given you his revised total before telling him:-

a) He did not get that second skip so that money should be knocked off
b) The velox window is smaller than specified so that should mean some off the bill
c) He took 1 day off to sort some other stuff out, therefore that should come off the bill

Basically, only start knocking things off once he gives you the final bill, because what I have discovered is they simply nod their heads and say "OK Yes I Agree", then they make-up twice the work and give you an even bigger bill than when you started because you have annoyed them.

Be warned and learn from Ranting Mike.


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