Monday, July 17, 2006


I guess I should really start by saying I am not a smoker, but most of my friends are and my view is simple, if I want to go out and see my friends I have to put up with them smoking.... now that's out of the way, the real rant.

I was driving home today at around school closing time, I spotted 6 young lads, around 13-14 I would say walking home (they had school uniforms on which shows they are under 16), all smoking, and of course trying to look "James Dean" in their "hey look at how big I am" type of way, and this got me thinking.

Will my daughter smoke ? (I hope not), but also, how easy is it for kids to get access to fags, and this brought me onto this, why the hell is the legal age to smoke only 16, this is utterly stupid, I couldn't even spell my own name at that age (too pissed all the time), but as smoking is so bad for you, shouldn't we be making it harder to young people to smoke, lets make it really hard, change the law so you have to be 21 to smoke, and while we are at it, change the drinking age to 21 as well (now I am over 21 I can say that), we bang on all the time about the effects of smoking, changing the minimum age will help I am sure.


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