Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rhyl Cycling Club

Now I am a keen cyclist, most of you will know that 4 members of the Rhyl cycling club were killed a few months ago, it came out later that the driver of the car that lost control had defective tires.

Last week this arsehole came in front of magistrates, these fuckwitts decided to ban this twat for 6 months and fine him £180, this man killed 4 people. Now of course when he got into his car that day he had no intension of killing anybody, but that does not bring these poor people back.

The magistrate stated that the defective tires had no contributing factor to the accident, what a complete pile of shit, how come hundreds of car passed that spot without crashing, of course it contributed to the crash, how the hell could it not, that’s why we have laws to ensure tyres are legal, these fuckwitt magistrates have made a mockery of the law, they should be sacked instantly, I have utter disbelief in this decision, its just yet another fuckwitt decision by magistrates and judges in this stupid country, people get payouts of thousands in personal injury for being fuckwitts, but when a real crime is committed they bottle the verdict, complete wankers.


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