Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chip, Pin & Cheque

I can't believe its been a few days since my last rant, life must be getting easier or I'm getting lazy.

Anyway, I was out shopping again today, and like most people I pay by credit card and these days Chip & Pin is used. Now I think this is great, its quick and simple, but yet again they somehow manage to screw up the implementation. Lets look at how simple this is, the cashier says £100 please, you flash the card and slip it into a little machine that's in front of you and enter the pin, simple eh, well no, why ?

Because somebody has decided when designing this system to make it impossible to actually put the card in at the correct time, there seems to be a millisecond when you have to put the card into the machine, too early your screwed and have to start again, too late your screwed and have to start again, why can't it just use the bloody card that's in there, all this timing issue really pisses me off.

Lastly, cheques, well the hell do people still use cheques, for Christ sake, you have to have a Switch (or whatever its called these days) to use a cheque, so just use the damn card, you get a receipt and its quicker and doesn't piss-off everybody in the queue behind you, shops should ban cheques, they are no longer needed in today's world.


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