Saturday, July 15, 2006

Buying Beer

I was having a beer last night with a friend who had just come back from Hong Kong, as we got more and more drunk, we started talking about the differences in drinking establishments, one thing became clear, Briton seems to be the only country where we still have to fetch our own drinks, what I mean of course is we have to get up out of our seats, walk to an over crowded bar, push your way in (because there are always people who stand at the bar which is annoying!), try to grab the attention of some dim wit to serve you, shout your order at them, wait while its poured, pay for it and then carry it back to your table.

Anybody who has gone outside of the UK will of experienced the wonderful thing that is called a waiter, where you sit at your table and somebody brings your drink to you, so how come this so called civilised country we live in is so backward, I want waiter service. Going back to idiots who stand at the bar, would they also stand in front of the checkout at a supermarket, no I think not, so bloody well more your arse away from the bar and at least make the terrible journey of buying drinks that bit easier until at least waiter service makes it way to the backward country,


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