Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Royal Mail Opt Out

To try and stop loads of crap coming through my letter box, I have signed up to the Opt Out programs for advertising etc.

I have found out that you can also opt out of the hand delivered Royal Mail stuff, this is the unaddressed stuff that Royal Mail deliver, this is of course good news, however Royal Mail as being complete bastards with it.

If you opt out, not only do you stop junk mail but you also stop important government information leaflets, this is so wrong I cannot believe, Royal Mail should not be allowed to do this, how are they getting away with it.

Surely its easy... this advert for some insurance company only goes to opt in people, this government leaflet goes to everybody, how hard can it be, it's just an easy way for the Royal Mail to scare people into not opting out, its disgraceful.

To cap it all.... its says that we might still get some of this junk mail when they use temp staff ! clearly they don't know how to train people either.


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