Monday, June 04, 2007

Funny Things Kids Say

I know this is suppose to be a ranting blog, but over the weekend my daughter who is about to celebrate her 3rd birthday came out with some classic one liners.

We were watching the Moto GP bike racing on TV, she looked at me and said... Daddy they need cars... pointing at the world class bike racers on TV

Following on, later that day we went to an historic car festival at Harewood House, all these lovely cars are on display, we walked up to this old Jag, the owner had the bonnet up so that we could see that fateful V8 in it, my daughter walked up to the owner, looked him straight in the eye and said..... I'm sorry you car is broken, it needs a new battery, Daddy can fix it for you.

And some things you don't want to hear, Daddy, I've done a Poo.... its a smelly sticky one.... can you change my nappy please.


At 7:32 am, Anonymous Andrei said...

Cute :))

Happy birthday to your daughter !


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