Friday, May 18, 2007

A Little Story

A man was sitting in his living room one Saturday, when he saw the women who lived across the road come over and knock on his front door, said man answer saying hello to his neighbour, she replied by saying she needed some mussel and would the kind man help her out, of course said the man and off they went to her house thinking she needed something heavy moving.

On entering the house the woman says to the man, the 3 of them are up stairs, a Taxi Driver and his 2 foreign girls, they have been having sex all night and will now not leave, so will said man go up stairs and remove them. Of course, said man looks at the women in amazement, is she serious, what if these people have a gun or knife, why has the women not called the police. Wanting not to look like a wimp, the man walks slowly upstairs and says Hello, no reply, so he walks into the spare bedroom to find nothing, only 2 suitcases, he shouts down to the woman and says there is nobody there, women replies by saying they are hiding, so man has to check every cupboard, under the beds etc., but nobody is found.

He walks back down stairs to talk to the women and explains that nobody is there, women says they are upstairs as she can still hear them, man now is a little worried, so he goes upstairs again to check, nobody there, women now asks man to bring suitcases downstairs as they are there’s, this he does. At which point women opens one of the suitcases saying that one of the foreign girls is hiding in the suitcase!, once discovered it is empty, she turns to the man and says, they are still upstairs, but they can make themselves flat so you can’t see them, at which point, man very nervously says there is nobody in the house and makes a polite exit.

Holy shit, said man is now shitting himself as he clearly has a nutter living across the road from him, I’m looking for a new house.


At 9:01 pm, Blogger Phil said...

What you on about dewd? Do you have a nutter living across the road?

At 9:33 am, Blogger Ranting Mike said...

Yes... complete nut case

At 9:22 pm, Blogger Phil said...

lesbo's and nutters, that's north yorkshire for ya


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