Thursday, May 24, 2007

Credit Card Security

I read with interest all this fuss about TK Max giving away 45 million customers credit card details, the press saying how they must guard information more closely, well that's not the answer.

I was a consultant working in a company which took credit card payments, one day they handed me a file with some data I needed, I needed just some information like Name and Address, anyway this file not only contained what I needed, but also the credit card details of each person as well, I had only been in the office 2 hours !

The answer is simple, if you use something like world pay, as a merchant the credit card details are not passed to you, only world pay have them, thus stopping stupid companies like the one mentioned above having to worry about ensuring their procedures are tight.

Bottom line is companies cannot be trusted, therefore this information should not be given to them.... simple


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