Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When is a Pie Not a Pie

Today while I was having lunch I was watching the UK TV Food channel on Sky. As always there is a chef who cooks something, normally these are really good, but today this guy made my bloody boil.

He started by saying he was going to make a pie, so he put some beef in a pan, browned it off, added some other ingredients and gravy, he then placed this in a dish and proceeded to top this dish with puff pastry and put it in the oven.

THIS IS NOT A PIE.... this is a casserole with some hairy fairy puff pastry sat on top.

A pie has to have a pastry base, it is then filled with the filling, then a lid of pastry is put on top, the filling should be raw or partially cooked so that it completes its cooking in the pie in the oven AND the pastry is Suet or Short pastry NEVER bloody puff pastry.

I have sent an email to complain about this so called pie to the TV station, I await their reply.


At 9:09 pm, Blogger Phil said...

you certainly know your pies ranter. you do have a point though, pies should be coated in very heavy thick stodgy pastry. personally, i think the pasty on a pukka pie is about perfect. contents are a bit minging though


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