Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big brother racist

I have been amazed today by all the media attention big brother is getting with these alleged racist attacks on one of the contestants. I find it amazing that the British and Indian governments have actually got involved, do they not have anything better to do?

I have seen every programme and in my view there is not one racist incident, yes we have a group of people who have ganged up on another contestant, but this happens on every single show. Without trying to sound racist, but if this person was British I do not believe anybody would think anything was wrong, but because this is a movie star from India, the actions of the other contestants are deemed as racist.

This is yet another example of everybody being over sensitive and too political he correct, this is not racism, this is just what happens in the real world, we are by nature pack animals, and we will gang up on people we do not like or agree with, so come on get off these people's backs and stop being idiots.


At 9:05 pm, Blogger Phil said...

what is "political he correct"? isn't it "politically correct"?


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