Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am in the wrong ??

Now, normally I not one to ask for an opinion as I am always right, but something happened today.

I was shopping at Sainsbury's and was walking down an aisle pushing my trolley, there were 2 guys chatting, not paying attention and had blocked the aisle totally with their trolleys, of course this is normal for women to do.

Unlike a woman though, one of the guys spotted me and moved his trolley out of the way so I could get past, I walked past and didn't say anything, the guy who moved his trolley shouted at me "don't say thanks then will you", at which point I turned and said, don't block the aisle next time either.

So, should I of said thanks or not ?, this guy had blocked the aisle, something he should not do, when he unblocked it I was suppose to say thanks, why should I say thanks for him to sort out his crap trolley parking. As always, I believe I was correct, manners are great and should be used, but are we taking it to far when we have to thank somebody for changing something they should not have done,
? I'm not sure.


At 9:19 pm, Blogger Phil said...

I would personally have said thankyou, I would have said "cheers mate".

I know you to be rude, you and Dolan used to grunt of a morning.

At 6:52 pm, Blogger Ranting Mike said...

rude, you are just a girl


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