Monday, July 10, 2006


Let me start by saying I actually like Sainsbury's, the self scan is brilliant, but this is not about complementing Sainsbury's, it about ranting about some of the stupid things they do, lets start with my visit last week.

Like most busy weekends, the car park was packed, but hold on, I found a space, in I drove to find a bloody big tree in my way, which meant the arse of my car was sticking out, waiting for some unsuspecting mother, too busy checking on her baby to notice my car sticking out, an accident waiting to happen. What possesses people to stick a tree in the ground in the middle of a car park, all it does is stop me from parking properly, it looks shit, its a maintenance issue and no doubt adds 1 pence to the price of milk.

As normal in summer, it was raining (we will leave the weather for another rant), so I took my 2 year old daughter out of the car and ran to pick up a trolley. Now, there were about 300 trolleys, 200 under cover nice and dry, but these where the little silly ones that only hold a bag of sugar, the one I needed, the one with a seat to park my daughter where not under cover, no these trolleys, the ones with seats in, where left out getting soaked, brilliant I thought, lets sit my daughter in a pool of water and watch her catch a cold. So in I went to find the duty manager to have a rant, when I pinned him against the wall and asked why these were left out in the pouring rain, he said that there was not enough covering for all the trolleys, OK I understand that, but why do they put the trolleys that little people sit in out in the rain and cover up the ones people don't sit in, he refused to answer, but this is the point he made his biggest mistake. He said, Sainsbury's are aware of this situation, that is why we have a towel dispensing machine to dry off the trolleys, oh dear, hook, line and sinker. I kindly requested that he came outside and attempted to dry my trolley, which to be fair to the man he did, anyway, 30 minutes later he was still trying, why, because the towels they provide have the absorption of a piece of glass, all they do is push the water around, totally useless for drying... he agreed and said he would do something about it... like I believe that.

On a final note... and back to the car park, why do they put up bloody big signs at the exits on the car park isles, meaning you can't see if anything is coming, causing a slow edging out process hoping that you don't meet the mother checking her baby coming the other way.


At 8:42 pm, Blogger Phil said...

mike, don't shop at these places. they're trying to take over the world. grow your own vegges and send your mail by carrier pigeon. you'll be happier for it, trust me.


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