Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Royal Mail

What a complete bunch of charlatans, the news about the latest price changes (sorry increases) based upon letter weight and size, how confusing is that going to be. I got a parcel delivered this morning, very nice postman, he said to me, "good job you are in", I said "yes, I hate going down to the sorting office to pick up a missed delivery", he then told me that things have just got worse, the sorting office is now only open to 12:30pm instead of 6:00pm, to "save money", hang on, what about servicing your clients, most people who miss deliveries work during the day, that's why they are missed... this leaves us no other option than to get up early and head for the sorting office along with everybody else who has to work for a living.... what a nightmare.

I've left the best rant till last though, about 2 months ago I sent out a package recorded delivery, and it went missing, OK, some things are going to go missing, that's a fact of life, so I asked what I needed to do to get compensation, I was told to go to the post office, get a claim form and fill it in. I did this, took the form back to the post office and handed over the form. Guess what.... they have only gone and lost my form as well, when I asked what can I do now, the answer.... nothing.... as I don't have a proof of postage (attached to the form) and the original receipt for the item that was lost (attached to the form), I can't claim. Call me a cynic, but isn't that just brilliant, easy money for Royal Mail, just loose all the claim forms.

Rant Update - Royal Mail have just got back in touch with me, they have apologised and said they will give me my full refund, I should have the cheque within a few days.... result.


At 8:40 pm, Blogger Phil said...

carrier pigeons are the way forward.


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